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Crofton Park station (Brockley Road corridor) improvements

We are improving the roads and pavements on Brockley Road.

What is happeningIllustrated plan of open space with cycle racks and traffic control

The construction work will improve the carriageways and footways. It will include:

  • wider footways
  • designated parking bays
  • bike parking
  • better crossings for pedestrians and cyclists
  • road safety features such as speed tables
  • better street furniture.

Policies this scheme is influenced by

This regeneration will be influenced by a number of local and London-wide strategy documents, including:

  • Mayors Transport Strategy (MTS)
  • Lewisham LIP3
  • Lewisham Cycling Strategy
  • Lewisham Low Emission Vehicles Charging Strategy (draft)
  • Lewisham Sustainable Communities Strategy
  • Lewisham Regeneration Strategy
  • Lewisham Air Quality Action Plan
  • Lewisham Streetscape Guide
  • Standards for the Design and Construction of Roads in Lewisham.

Why we are doing this work on Brockley Road

We are committed to improving the streets and roads in the Crofton Park area (Bartram Road to Dalrymple Road) of the Brockley Corridor (Brockley Cross to Stanstead Road A205).

We received funding for this in 2017, and the work started in August 2019.

Who is doing the work

FM Conway (FMC) is doing the work. See the plan for how we want this to look once completed.

Who to contact

Contact FM Conway about the works at:
07917 518529

Latest updates (November 2019)

The scheme is 90% complete and we have finished the main footway and carriageway sections.

All roads are currently open for public use.

We expect that the scheme will be completed in December 2019, depending on the weather.

Outstanding minor works include:

  • making the road bridge safe
  • installing street furniture such as trees, planters, cycle racks, bollards, signs and street benches
  • block paving parking bay opposite Crofton Park station
  • installing the permanent speed table layout
  • resin bond works on the back of the footway.

What times and days we will be working

We will mostly do this work in the week. But there will be some weekend and evening work so we can finish this as soon as possible.
We will keep noise and disruption to a minimum.