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Creekside Streetscape Improvements

We are undertaking improvements to Creekside between Copperas Street and Deptford Church Street.

Creekside is an area of industrial heritage, cultural significance and ecological value, so the master plan was intended to recognise the heritage whilst improving the area for the current changing uses of the area. Creekside links Creek Road to the north and Deptford Church Street to the south, running parallel to Deptford Creek. The western edge is defined by Crossfield Estate, with the Laban Dance Centre, Creekside Discovery Centre, the APT Arts Studio, the railway viaduct and a mix of industrial buildings giving the area a unique identity.

The Creekside Streetscape Improvements is primarily a highway maintenance scheme The Improvement works will not fundamentally change the way in which the road is being used, however it does enhance the distinction of areas for passage amongst vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, senior citizens, buggy pushers etc.) from car passage and parking areas

What is happening

The scheme’s highways improvements have been developed to create an area outside the Laban Dance Centre and Kent Wharf to link with Ferrati Park making this area a focal point along the road, improving the pedestrian, cyclist, car interface at the railway viaduct where QW1 crosses Creekside, an arts corner at the southern end to reflect the art studios in this area and more welcoming area at the junction with Deptford Church Street.

The improvements will ensure a consistent material palette along the street with materials reflecting the industrial heritage of the area but giving a modern feel to the streetscape.

The scheme’s design will improve the carriageway and footway layouts and aim to enhance a safer user experience; interventions will  include:

  • wider footways, with narrower road width to slow traffic speeds
  • raised tables to provide better crossing facilities and slow traffic speeds
  • Designated parking bays with inset bays, disabled parking bays and electric vehicle charging bays.

The plans showing the scheme can be found on the link at the bottom of the page, hard copies are available on request please email creeksidepublicrealm@lewisham.gov.uk or phone Gill Redrup on 0208 314 2589

Policies this scheme is influenced by

This regeneration will be influence by a number of local and London-wide strategy documents, including:

  • Mayors Transport Strategy (MTS)
  • Lewisham LIP3

  • Lewisham Cycling Strategy

  • Lewisham Low Emission Vehicles Charging Strategy (draft)

  • Lewisham Sustainable Communities Strategy

  • Lewisham Regeneration Strategy

  • Lewisham Air Quality Action Plan

  • Lewisham Streetscape Guide

  • Standards for the Design and Construction of Roads in Lewisham.

  • Why we are doing this work along Creekside

    The proposed scheme aims to improve links from Creekside to Deptford Rail Station, High Street and Greenwich, making routes attractive to pedestrians and cyclists; enhancing the streetscape whilst retaining Creekside’s unique historic character, using the creative industries along the road to activate the street scene to promote public art.

    Phase 1 Works

    The scheme’s full design has been finalised however phase 1 works will implement first and it covers the section of Creekside that runs from just south of the railway viaduct north to the junction with Copperas Street.

    Phase 1 will start at the junction of Copperas Street and extend down to just past the Railway Viaduct (Faircharm Estate). Phase 1 works is the extent to the construction works at this time. Phase 2 works will be planned at a later date subject to developer funding availability.

    The construction (phase 1) Works is planned to commence in late February 2022, for a duration of up to 6 months.

    Who is doing the work

    The council will be commission its Term contractor - FM Conway (FMC) to undertake the works.

    Who to contact

    Contact FM Conway about the works at:
    07917 518529

    What times and days we will be working

    Moe information regarding the construction programme will be published on this web page. Construction works will take place Monday – Friday 8am– 5pm, Saturdays 8am – 1pm as far as possible, but in order to minimize disruption in the area there may be some weekend works, but you will be informed of these if these become necessary.