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What can and can't go in your rubbish bin

Find out what can and can't go in your rubbish bin, and how you can safely and responsibly dispose of items you can’t put in your bin.

What can go in your rubbish bin:

✔️Bubble wrap
✔️Cotton buds
✔️Crisps or popcorn bags
✔️Dirty pizza boxes
✔️Disposable gloves
✔️Dog poo (including the disposable bag)
✔️Face masks
✔️Food pouches: pet pouches or any other food that comes in such pouches
✔️Make-up: all types (please check the A-Z of recycling on alternatives on how to dispose of these items).
✔️Packaging – such as salad bags, plastic films, carrier bags, cling film (or you can take these to your nearest supermarket to be recycled).
✔️Pet litter - from cats or dogs and straw from herbivores
✔️Pillows: You can put pillows in your rubbish bin if you have space. If not, you can take them to the Recycling Centre.
✔️Plant pots – These can also be disposed of at the Recycling Centre or you could give them away for someone else to use.
✔️Polystyrene - Try to take these to the Recycling Centre where they can be turned into other items, like garden furniture, toys, etc.
✔️Pringles’ container
✔️Sanitary products
✔️Squeezable tubes: toothpaste, make-up, face or hand creams, and food tubes
✔️Takeaway containers (polystyrene or polypropylene)
✔️Tissues: including paper towels and toilet paper (clean or used)
✔️Wigs: natural or synthetic - if they are in good condition you can donate them to some charities for people with cancer or alopecia.
✔️Wipes - such as make-up wipes and baby wipes
✔️Wrappers - from sweets, chocolates and biscuits

What can’t go in your rubbish bin

❌Batteries - These are very dangerous and can cause fires. Most shops and supermarkets that sell batteries have recycling points where you can safely recycle old batteries. You can also recycle them in libraries.
❌Car oil – This needs to be disposed of correctly at the Recycling Centre
❌DIY waste - Rubble, pieces of plasterboards, etc. These must be removed by a licensed waste carrier. Unfortunately, we do not accept these items at our Recycling Centre. However, you can take them to Waldo Road in Bromley – please note that there will be a small fee to pay.
❌Food waste (unless you live in a flat or above a shop)
❌Garden waste 
❌Gas canisters – These are very dangerous and can cause fires if placed in bins. You can dispose of them safely and responsibly at Lewisham’s Recycling Centre.
❌Hazardous waste: paint, chemicals, car oil, car batteries - The City of London provides a hazardous household waste collection service. Please visit the City of London's website or call them on 020 7332 3433 to book a collection.
❌Large items, including, furniture, fridges and cookers - If they are still in working order, they can be donated or given away on Freegle and Freecycle. If they are broken, the Council offers a collection service or you can take them to the Recycling Centre
❌Metal - Please take this to the Recycling Centre
❌Cooking oil – Please don’t put this down your drain, as it can block pipes. You can wipe up small amounts of cooking oil with a kitchen towel and put this in your rubbish bin. For larger amounts of oil, please put this in a sealed container before putting it in your rubbish bin. Alternatively, you can mix cooked oil with rolled oats and feed it to birds. 
❌Recyclable items: glass jars and bottles, newspapers, cardboard (including egg boxes), plastic bottles and containers, paper (such as letters, envelopes, junk mail) – These items should go in your recycling bin.
❌Small electrical items: any small appliances including mobile phones and IT equipment – Please take them to the Recycling Centre. However, if they are in working condition, you can donate them on Freegle and Freecycle.
❌Textiles: including bags, suitcases, shoes – Please take them to a charity shop or dispose of in a textile bank.