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What you can put in your food waste bin

​If you live in a house, or a flat in a converted house, you can recycle your food waste using your silver food waste bin.
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How to recycle your food waste

  • Line your kitchen caddy with compostable liners or newspaper.

  • Put all your leftover, mouldy or out-of-date food in your kitchen caddy.

  • When your caddy is full, tie the liner, or wrap your waste in newspaper, and put it in your outside food waste bin.

  • Keep the lid of your food bin locked to keep out foxes and other pests.

  • We will collect your food waste every week on your collection day.

  • Leave your food waste bin at the edge of your property on, or by, the pavement before 6am on your collection day.

Where to buy food waste bags

When you run out of compostable liners for your kitchen caddy, you can buy more at the supermarket or line your caddy with newspaper. Please look for the compostable logo when purchasing the bags.

What you can put in your food waste bin

image of types of food waste

Use your food waste bin for:

  • leftovers, uneaten food and plate scrapings

  • dairy products and eggs

  • bread, cakes and pastries

  • raw and cooked meat and fish, including bones

  • tea bags and coffee grounds

  • raw and cooked vegetables, mouldy fruit, peelings

  • grains and pulses including rice, pasta and beans

  • mouldy or out-of-date ready meals removed from all their packaging.

What you can’t put in your food waste bin

We cannot collect your food waste bin if it contains:

  • packaging e.g. food and drink cartons

  • liquids e.g. milk, oil, liquid fat

  • plastic bags or bin liners

  • garden waste

  • nappies.

What happens if you put non-food waste items in your food waste bin

Your food waste bin should only be used for food waste. If your food waste bin contains non-compostable items or garden waste we will not be able to collect it.

If you keep using your food waste bin incorrectly, we may take it away.