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Temporary suspension of parking bays

How to apply for a temporary suspension: for example, for a removal van.

When to apply

Please apply a minimum of five working days before the requested start date of the suspension.

How to apply


Prices for suspensions have increased by 7.7%, in line with inflation. Please see below:

  • admin and contractors' costs: £60 minimum
  • if the suspension is likely to result in a loss of income (for example, the suspension of a pay-and-display parking bay) we will charge you an extra £55 per bay per day
  • resident bays: £60
  • official funeral vehicles are free

Where we cannot suspend bays

We are not responsible for suspensions on Red Routes and cannot authorise dispensation on Red Routes. You must apply to Transport for London if a suspension along these routes is required.

Using your suspended bay

A parking suspension is not granted for preferential parking outside your own residence. A penalty charge notice may be issued, or a parking suspension withdrawn on failure to comply with any of the terms set out for parking suspensions.

Further guidance

Lewisham Council will not remove illegally parked vehicles; however, vehicles that ignore suspension signs and park illegally may be issued with a penalty charge notice.