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Lorries and abnormal loads

Details of weighbridge, lorry bans and overnight parking bans, abnormal loads and roads with weight restrictions.
Parking permit system

Our parking permit system is experiencing technical difficulties, our customer service team are getting in contact with those affected. During this period, our response time may be longer than usual whilst we work to get these issues resolved.

Weighbridge in Lewisham

The weighbridge is next to the reuse and recycling centre on Landmann Way, New Cross SE14 5RS.

Night and weekend lorry ban

On all roads in the borough except the A205 South Circular Road, goods vehicles over 18 tonnes gross vehicle weight are banned at these times:

  • Monday to Friday 9pm–7am.
  • Saturday 1pm to Monday 7am.

Lorry operators can get permits which allow them to run a specified lorry in the borough during these prohibited times.

A 7.5 tonne lorry ban also operates on the roads bounded by the A21, these are:

  • Sangley Road

  • Plassy Road

  • Brownhill Road

  • Verdant Lane

  • Whitefoot Lane.

Get permits, report violations and info from the London Lorry Scheme


Overnight parking ban 6.30pm–8am

Throughout the borough, goods vehicles of more than five tonnes gross vehicle weight and vehicles with more than 12 passenger seats are banned from parking on the public highway overnight.

​Abnormal loads

A load is classed as abnormal if its gross weight exceeds 40 tonnes.


At least two days notice is required before you can move an abnormal load. You must notify and gain consent from:

  • Lewisham Council or Transport for London on red routes

  • bridge authorities.

In addition you may need to indemnify the highway authority and all bridge owners along the proposed route.

Notice period for over 150 tonnes

The notice period for loads over 150 tonnes, 6.1 metres wide or 27.4 metres long is different and hauliers moving such loads need special orders from the Department of Transport.

See information about abnormal loads on the Government's website, it recommends using the Highways England system if you are planning to transport an abnormal load around London.

Responsibility for bridges

We are not responsible for every bridge in Lewisham. Broadly speaking, Network Rail owns all of the rail-over-road bridges. Transport for London also own some bridges and have an interest in all bridges on red routes (for example, the A2, A20, A205 and A21).

Weight restrictions on roads

Weight restrictions can be imposed for structural or for environmental reasons. It is a legal control on a vehicle's weight or width, mainly on lorries, on certain roads and routes.

To find out if a specific road or bridge is subject to a weight limits, please contact us.


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