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Mutually exchange your home

If you are a council or housing association tenant you can arrange to swap your house or flat with another tenant, provided your landlord agrees, through our house exchange scheme.

Once we've received and registered your application, we will write back to you to tell you if we can grant permission.

Where both rent accounts are clear and there are no other breaches of tenancy conditions, an exchange can be approved quite quickly.

Who is eligible for house exchange

Tenants living in Council housing usually have the right to exchange their property. Your housing manager may refuse a house exchange on any of the following grounds:

  •    one of the parties is an introductory tenant
  • there is a possession order against either tenant

  • a notice of seeking possession served on grounds 1-6 is still in force against either tenant

  • the incoming tenant(s) will be under-occupying the dwelling by more than one room

  • the incoming tenant(s) will be overcrowded, or the property is otherwise unsuitable to their needs

  • the dwelling is designed or adapted for disability and the incoming tenant has no disability

  • the dwelling is a special needs unit and the incoming tenant has no special needs

  •    one party has paid money to the other party to induce the exchange.

A house exchange may be refused if one of the tenants is in rent arrears or under notice to leave. An exchange may also be refused if a property is too big or too small for the people intending to occupy it, or if one of the properties is designated for elderly or disabled persons. If your request is refused, you have the right to appeal against the decision.