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Exchanges and transfers

Move, exchange or transfer from your council home.

Most Council tenants have the right to exchange properties with tenants of other councils and housing associations.

Mutual exchange

As long as certain conditions are met and both landlords give written consent, secure tenants have the right to exchange their property with another eligible tenant, locally or in another part of the country.

To search for available properties, you can register with House Exchange or HomeSwapper.

Once you've found a suitable match, you will need to make an application through the online housing services portal.

Move to another borough

If you want to move to another part of London, you may be eligible for the Housing Moves scheme. If you want to move to another part of the UK, you may be eligible for the Homefinder UK scheme.


If you have more bedrooms than you need, we can help find you a smaller, more manageable home. We may also be able to help with removal and costs for cooker, washing machine, landline and post redirection.

Your old house can then be given to a family who needs the extra space.

Get help to move into private renting

If you want to move into private renting, we can give you up to £2,650 to help with the:

  • first month’s rent
  • deposit
  • moving costs

See if you are eligible for the Fresh Start scheme.

Buy your council home

The Right to Buy scheme allows some tenants to purchase the property they rent from the Council at a discount.

Sheltered housing

If you're an older person and you want to live independently, but with the peace of mind of 24-hour alarm service and access to support staff, see sheltered housing.