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Applying to start secondary school in September 2024

Information about applying for a secondary school place, including how to apply, deciding which schools to apply for, admissions criteria and more.

Before you apply for a secondary school place

Important actions to take before you apply for a secondary school place.

Things to remember

Watch a video about the important things to remember when you're applying for a secondary school place.

Important dates

Important dates for the admission process for children starting secondary school in September 2024.

Admissions criteria

Find out what the admissions criteria are at schools across the borough.

Supplementary information forms

See which secondary schools need you to complete their supplementary information form as well as naming the school on your application.

Deciding which secondary schools to apply for

Find out how to decide which secondary schools to apply for.

How to apply for secondary schools

Read our step-by-step guide to applying for a secondary school place.

Supporting evidence

See what supporting evidence you need to submit when you apply for secondary school places.

Offers of places

Find out how to accept or appeal an offer of a secondary school place for your child.

Applying after the closing date

Find out what to do it you miss the closing date for secondary school place applications, move into the borough after the closing date or change address.

Secondary school admission appeals

Find out how to appeal if your child isn’t offered a school you applied for.

Educated out of cohort for transfer to secondary school

Due to a change in legislation, parents will now need to apply for a secondary school place when the child is in year 5 rather than year 6.

Transfer to secondary school 2024 – national offer day

Find information about what happens following your child’s offer of a place at a secondary school.

Map of secondary school admissions by distance

This map shows secondary schools in the borough. It also shows the distance of places offered last year to secondary schools under the home-to-school distance admissions criterion.

Last year's application and appeals rates

See the application and appeal numbers for 2023. Applications for admission in September 2024 are likely to be different.
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