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Model letters for consumers to businesses

Get help writing a letter to a trader about a problem with goods or services you have bought.

When to use the letters

First try talking to the trader. Often this will resolved things and you will not need to write anything.

Sometimes this does not work and you will have to formalise your complaint.

When you send the letter

Make sure you can prove that you have sent your letter. For example:

  • get a certificate of posting from the Post Office or send it by recorded delivery

  • keep a copy of the letter.

If you have to take the trader to court or to a relevant ombudsman scheme,  you will be able to show the steps you have taken to try to resolve the problem.

How to use the model letters

Just select the letter that applies to your problem.

You will have to change it to suit your particular case but the model will help you to show the trader you are serious about pursuing your complaint.

Useful websites


Citizens Advice consumer service

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