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Weights and measures

Find out how we ensure the goods that businesses are selling are the right weight or measure according to what is written on the packaging or stated on the premises.

Almost every product today is sold by some reference to either its weight or measure, whether by the pint, litre, gram or metre. This includes everyday items such as bread, petrol, beer, clothing material, sand or virtually anything else you can think of. All goods, whether pre-packed or not, should be of the correct weight or measure stated on the packaging or indicated on the premises. It is our job to ensure that consumers receive the correct amount of any product they buy.

We enforce a complex set of regulations designed to ensure that the public and businesses can have confidence in their purchases and ensures fair competition. We do this by:

  • verifying that weighing and measuring equipment is initially accurate

  • routinely visiting businesses and checking weighing and measuring equipment (e.g. counter weighing machines, weighbridges, weights, petrol pumps, spirit measuring instruments, wine and beer glasses and metre measures)

  • checking products already in the shops e.g. prepacked goods and bread

  • reacting to complaints of short measure.

If you think you have received short measure from a business in Lewisham and would like further information please contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service.


Safer Communities Service (Trading Standards)



Citizens Advice consumer service

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