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Preparing an emergency bag

If you're involved in an emergency you will need to react quickly. Having an emergency bag already prepared means you can grab and go – confident that you have everything you need.

An emergency bag should contain all the essential items you need which might include:

  • emergency list of contacts, e.g. friends, doctor, bank

  • copies of important documents, e.g. insurance, driver's licence, passport

  • notebook and pen/pencil

  • small amount of cash

  • toiletries

  • details of prescription medicines

  • extra set of contact lenses/glasses

  • mobile phone charger

  • waterproof bag/s

  • wind-up torch

  • battery powered or wind-up radio

You may want to prepare a smaller emergency bag to keep in your car, particularly if you are going on a long journey or driving in bad weather conditions.

If you have a pet, you should also prepare ahead in case you need to evacuate.