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Short breaks

Short breaks can give parents and carers a break from caring for their disabled child.
Scam alert

We are aware that a number of residents have received a text messages that says it is from Lewisham Crime Enforcement, telling the person they have outstanding fines and to click on a link and pay immediately.


If you receive a text message, please ignore and report to www.actionfraud.police.uk. 

What are short breaks

Get short breaks from caring for your child with disabilities.

Types of short breaks

We provide or fund three different types of short break services: universal, targeted and specialist.

Eligibility criteria for short breaks

You need a social care assessment to find out if you are entitled to a specialist short break.

Legislation for short breaks for disabled children

Find out about the different legislations for short breaks for disabled children and their families.

Short breaks quality assurance

How we ensure the quality of our short break services

Services for children and young people with SEND

This page is part of the 'local offer' for children and young people with special educational needs

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