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Policies map

A map showing area-based planning policies.
Changes to the Scheme of Delegation

On 29 March 2023, members agreed changes to the Council’s constitution and scheme of delegation.

The new scheme will be applied to applications with a Statutory Start Date of 30 March 2023 or later.  The changes are:

  • 10 or more objections will be required to trigger a planning committee meeting 
  • A scheme with an amenity society objection will be referred to a Chairs’ Review meeting

The policies map show all of the areas where area-based policies apply, as set out in Lewisham’s plans. These policies include areas for protection such as open space and conservation areas, town centre boundaries, and identify sites for particular land uses.

You can view the interactive policies map online.

Please note: that difficulties viewing the interactive map have been experienced whilst using Internet Explorer. Another internet browser is therefore recommended to view the interactive policies map.

The policies map (formerly known as the proposals map) had been updated to reflect the policies in the Lewisham’s Local Plans. As of December 2015, the policies map shows all of the area-based in the following local plans:

  • The Core Strategy (2011)
  • Site Allocations (2013)
  • Lewisham Town Centre Local Plan (2014)
  • Development Management Local Plan (2014)

The policies map is an interactive map which allows you to search a particular location and see the policies that apply to that particular site or area.

A hard copy of the policies map can be viewed at any of the libraries in Lewisham.