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Statement of community involvement

This statement sets out how the community can be involved with planning in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Temporary changes to the Statement of Community Involvement

The temporary modifications to the Council’s Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) which were agreed by Mayor and Cabinet on 10 June 2020 and extended for a further limited period on 16 September 2020 expired in March 2021. The associated changes to the Council’s Scheme of delegation have also come to an end.

At a meeting of 10 March 2021 the Mayor and Cabinet agreed temporary modifications to the Council’s SCI be authorised for a further 18-month period to enable the following:

  • Invitations to planning committee meetings and other communications and information (including publication of agendas) relating to planning committee meetings be carried out electronically wherever possible
  • Make it explicit that people wishing to speak at planning committee will need to register to speak in advance of the meeting and will need to submit written copies of their speeches in advance of the meeting
  • Local Meetings to be able to be held remotely
  • Make any necessary amendments regarding the publication of planning applications, agendas and decisions.

These time-limited changes were agreed for a period of 18 months. Find more details about the Mayor and Cabinet meeting and the temporary changes.

Addendum to our adopted Statement of Community Involvement

An addendum to our adopted Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) was approved by Mayor and Cabinet on 9 December 2020 and is now in force.

This addendum is mainly focused on amendments required for preparing planning policy documents. It does not include the emergency temporary modifications made to the SCI relating to planning applications or development management.