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Lewisham town centre further options consultation

Documents for the 2011 consultation about Lewisham town centre.

The Lewisham town centre area action plan further options provides a bridge between the 2007 preferred options and the emerging draft area action plan (or pre-submission version).

Following advice from the Government Office for London in 2007, priority was given to the production of the Core Strategy (the principal LDF document) and the area action plan was deferred. As work on the Core Strategy progressed to its final stage, work on the Lewisham Town Centre AAP resumed and in 2011 the further options report was produced to refresh the options being considered for the town centre.

The purpose of the further options report was to ensure that all stakeholders and members of the public had the opportunity to not only comment in detail on what options should or could be taken forward into the draft AAP, but also on those alternative options which were not being taken forward (those options which are not seen as being suitable) and the various evidence reports used to justify the Council’s position. Consultation on this document has now ended.

​The documents below describe the purpose and scope of the area action plan further options consultation. The third document details the responses received to the consultation and the officer response to taking the representation forward.

​The first stage in refreshing the AAP was to review the scoping report that sets out the proposed methodology for undertaking the sustainability appraisal of the AAP. This has since been developed into the a sustainability appraisal which accompanies the further options report.