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Where you can park with your Blue Badge

Find out where you can park throughout the Borough with your Blue Badge.

Parking with a Blue Badge

Whether a driver or a passenger in the vehicle, a blue badge holder can park at a number of locations within the Borough of Lewisham.

The blue badge must be clearly displayed in the front of the vehicle on the dashboard, with the wheelchair symbol and expiry date facing upwards. If the clock is required, it should be set to the time of arrival and be clearly displayed alongside the badge. Please take care not to hide any details by overlapping the badge and clock as this may leave you liable to a PCN. 

The badge should not be supplied to others unless you are travelling with them. 

Lewisham issued Blue Badge holders can apply for a Disabled Resident parking permit, which allows them to park in any resident, dual or triple use bays across the borough. For more information and to apply for a Disabled Resident parking permit, please click here Lewisham Council - Disabled resident parking permits

In the London Borough of Lewisham, Blue Badge holders can park:

  • in Lewisham Council-managed public car parks
  • in disabled parking bays
  • in pay and display bays for unlimited time, without charge
  • in time-limited parking bays
  • in shared-use bays where pay and display is permitted in addition to permit holders
  • on single or double yellow lines for up to three hours where there is no loading/unloading restriction. The maximum parking time is restricted to 3 hours and the clock provided with the badge should be set at time of arrival and left clearly on display in the vehicle next to the badge.
  • in any resident bay in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ), if they have a Disabled Resident parking permit

In the London Borough of Lewisham, Blue Badge holders cannot park:

  • on single or double yellow lines where loading/unloading is not allowed (this is indicated by kerb blips)
  • on school 'keep clear' markings
  • on 'zig-zag' markings on either side of pedestrian crossings
  • in suspended parking bays
  • where temporary restrictions are in place as indicated by 'no waiting' cones or similar devices
  • in resident or business parking bays (unless they also hold the relevant resident, business or disabled resident parking permit)
  • in bays reserved for defined uses (for example, taxi ranks, loading bay or motorcycle bays)
  • on a pavement, unless pavement parking is allowed at the location.
  • grass verge or footway
  • where the vehicle is causing an obstruction (either physically or due to impaired sight lines) for other road users
  • in disabled bay without displaying a blue badge.
  • clearway, bus lane or bus stop
  • electric charging bays without charging

Please note that this may differ between boroughs and failure to follow the above may leave motorists liable to a PCN.

For further guidance for blue badge holders’ rights and responsibilities, please visit the link below:

Fraud and misuse

Blue Badge Holder Responsibilities:

The Blue Badge and its concessions are for the blue badge holder’s use only.

It is a criminal offence for you or anyone else to misuse the badge, doing so could lead to a £1,000 fine and confiscation of the badge.  This is to ensure that the scheme is not abused and will benefit genuine badge holders.

If you are using the Blue Badge as a passenger, it is your responsibility to make sure that the driver is aware of all the terms and conditions.

You must never give the badge to friends or family to allow them to have the benefit of the parking concessions. You must never use a copied badge to park or try to change the details on a badge.

The badge remains the property of the issuing local Council. They can ask for the badge to be returned if it is being misused or not in the possession of the blue badge holder

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