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Terms and conditions for our removals and storage service for people in temporary accommodation

If you are using our removals and storage service, please read these terms and conditions.

About the service

We can either:

  • collect, store and deliver your items back to you

  • remove your items from one address and deliver them to another.

You need to pack and unpack your own boxes. We can provide packing boxes if you need them.

The fee


The service costs £150 but will be more if:

  • we collect or deliver outside the Lewisham borough

  • you fail to keep an appointment (non-attendance/goods not packed)

  • we need to make extra collections or deliveries.

We will tell you the amount when we know your individual circumstances. You must pay in full before we move your goods.


  • The storage facility charges £2 a week to store your goods.

  • We will open a rent account for you to pay into. We will give you a storage card and instructions on how to make payments.

  • The storage facility will not return your goods if you don’t pay the storage fee.

Who moves your goods

We use a contractor to carry out the moves. They will load, unload and move your goods into store.

Removal appointments

  • The removal company will try to get to you at the arranged time.

  • If they are late, you need to wait for them to arrive.

  • They will only wait 30 minutes if you are not there when they arrive. After 30 minutes they will cancel the booking.

  • If you miss the appointment, you have to pay £75.

  • You need to tell us, or the removal company, if someone else is representing you at the collection or delivery. You must give the person representing you full responsibility to act on your behalf before the appointment.

What you can and can’t store

You can store most personal goods. You can’t store:

  • perishable or flammable items e.g. food, paint or gas bottles

  • anything infested with pests e.g. fleas, cockroaches

  • valuables

  • commercial or industrial items.

Do not store anything you may need while you are in temporary accommodation, such as clothes, pots and pans, bed linen and personal items.

You can’t access your goods while they are in storage. Do not pack anything you may need while staying in temporary accommodation.

What you need to do before the removal company arrives

Read these instructions carefully. If you don’t follow them, the removal company may refuse to move your items. If the removal company has to come back, you have to pay £110.

  • Pack all your items.

  • Put fragile items in sturdy boxes. You can put soft things in strong black bin liners, but boxes are better.

  • Your bags and boxes should not weigh more than 25kg. Bags and boxes above 25kg will not be loaded onto the van.

  • Seal every box and bag and label them with your last name. Also put a label on every item not in a box or bag.

  • Do not leave things inside cupboards or drawers.

  • Defrost fridges and freezers. Disconnect the gas or electricity supply to cookers. Disconnect the water supply to washing machines.

  • Dismantle self-assembled furniture.

  • Remove, protect and label glass table tops, mirrors and glass doors.

  • Lift and roll up fitted carpets if you are taking them.

  • Dry out anything that is damp before collection.


  • The removal company will make a list of the goods they remove.

  • If anything gets damaged, it will be noted on the list.

  • The list is called an ‘inventory and damage statement’.

  • You will get a copy of the list.

  • Keep it in a safe place, so you can check all your goods are there when you get them back.

  • Check the van after the removal company moves your items so nothing gets left behind.


  • The removal company and the Council are not responsible for damage or loss during transit or storage.

  • We cannot accept responsibility for the contents of packages, cupboards or drawers.

  • Unfortunately, goods are sometimes lost or damaged while in transit or storage.

  • Insurance cover is not provided by the Council or removal company.

  • You must arrange your own insurance. Get insurance with as wide a cover as possible in case something happens to your goods.

  • You should check with your insurance company if you are already covered (e.g. a household policy).

Returning your goods from storage

  • To get your belongings back, you need to contact the Housing Options Centre and book a delivery slot.

  • We will only make one delivery to one address.

  • You must remove your belongings from storage as soon as you leave temporary accommodation or if you move to self-contained accommodation.

  • After your homelessness case closes, your goods will be thrown away if you don’t collect them within six months.