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Recycling and rubbish

Find out about recycling and rubbish for your home or on your estate.

Your bins


Use our handy A-Z of what you can and can't recycle.

Bulky waste collection

Book a bulky waste collection if you need to get rid of large items such as furniture, fridges and mattresses. 

Disposing of cooking oil correctly

Please don't dispose of fats or oils down sinks or drains – it causes blockages which can affect your home and those of your neighbours.

Fats, oils and grease cause major problems to the sewer system, and can cause severe blockages when they are poured down kitchen sinks or toilets. When they're poured down rainwater drains they cause pollution in local water courses.

How to dispose of fats and oils, and prevent blockages:

  • don't pour cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink
  • for large quantities of oil (eg. from deep frying), wait for the oil to cool then pour it into a plastic bottle, jar or sealable takeaway container – this can go in the rubbish bin
  • scrape or wipe plates, pans and utensils prior to washing (solid waste should go in your rubbish bin)
  • keep oil and grease out of washing up water
  • use strainers in sink plug holes and put any collected food debris in the rubbish bin