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Pest control – wasps and bees

Find out how to identify and control wasps and bees.
If you book an appointment you will be asked to wear a face mask whilst our technician visits your property

Cost of treatment

£72.80 (concessions £62.40) for guaranteed treatment.


Wasps are not always considered pests. They are good for gardens and keeping other garden pests under control.
But, they can nest in the house and be a nuisance and a danger. 

What to look for

Like bees, wasps are generally yellow and black in colour, but with a brighter shade of yellow. Bees tend to be a shade between yellow and orange. Wasps are generally thinner and longer than bees, reaching two centimetres in length. They have smooth, shiny bodies whereas bees have a furry texture. Wasps do not swarm.

The most common places for wasp nests in buildings are lofts and wall cavities. If you see wasps coming out of a specific point on a building or in a garden, this is a good sign that there is a nest.

Wasp activity is seasonal. They begin building nests around spring time, reaching maturity in late summer. Activity dies out in winter.  

Before you book

Depending on the time of year, location of the nest and other factors, we may not be able to provide treatment. Before booking, please consider the following:

  • How much of a problem is the nest causing? Could you leave it alone? Wasps are good for your garden.
  • In late spring and early summer you can treat wasp nests using insecticide. You can buy this from most garden centres and hardware stores.
  • Before contacting us you must make sure that the nest is on your property.
  • Before booking an appointment you must be able to identify where the wasps are entering your property. You can do this by looking.

We do not treat bees. However, you can contact a local beekeeper for information and advice:

  • Mark Emptage (07768 860999)

Alternatively, you can find a list of beekeepers on the British Beekeepers Association's website.