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How to deter foxes

Follow this advice to ​help deter foxes from your property. 

When are foxes most active?

We get most calls about foxes during:

  • December to February, which is their breeding season
  • Autumn, which is when cubs leave their parents and establish their own territories.

Problems associated with foxes

The main problems are fouling, digging and noise. 

How to prevent fox problems

Do not feed foxes

If you feed foxes:

  • this makes their territory much smaller, leading to more foxes in the area
  • they are more likely to foul and dig in gardens.

Secure your rubbish

Foxes are lazy and will scavenge if you don't keep food in a secure container. Put your rubbish in a secure bin and close the lid.

Keep your garden clean and tidy

Foxes like untidy, overgrown gardens because they provide excellent shelter.

If you clear your garden, it will be less attractive to foxes.

Tidy away things like old gardening gloves and shoes, which can smell very interesting to foxes. 

Use concrete bases for sheds and garages

Many foxes dig a den for their cubs under sheds and garages. If you build your shed or garage on a concrete base, this won't happen. Replace all broken air bricks before the start of the breeding season.

Removing fox scents

Foxes repeatedly foul the same areas in gardens is to mark their territory. 

If you clean concrete areas with chemicals such as bleach, this only temporarily masks the smell. It does not remove it, and the fox will still foul there.

Instead, use either:

  • a biological washing powder mixed with hot water
  • an enzyme-based product from your vet. 

This will break down the residue of the waste, leading to less fouling.

Always use gloves when removing fox waste. 

You may have to persistently wash the same spot, sometimes every day for a fortnight, but usually the fox eventually gets the idea and stops fouling in the area.

Commercial deterrents

Try the above measures first. If they don't work, commercial deterrents include Get Off My Garden and Scoot.
These are aimed at cats and may upset pets.

See the document below for more information on foxes and how to deter them.