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Pest control – fleas

Read this information before you book a treatment to get rid of fleas.
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What to do before we visit


  • Remove all items from the floor of the rooms we are treating.
  • Move all furniture from the edges of the room so we can get to the walls.
  • Vacuum all carpets and rugs and clean all carpet-free floor areas. Pay particular attention to areas where pets may sleep or where the sun may heat an area of floor. Empty the vacuum cleaner straight into the dustbin or change the bag after cleaning.
  • If you have a pet make sure it is being treated with an approved formulation. Wash and clean any pet bedding.

If you do not make these preparations, we will not carry out the treatment and you will lose your fee.


£125 for a single treatment. Concession rate is £62.50 (plus one free re-treat, if needed).

Payment is non-refundable.

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