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Lewisham Travel Assistance Form


Parents/carers are responsible for making sure their child attends their education provision. This includes arranging any necessary travel arrangements to and from school and/or accompanying their child as necessary.

In most cases the council expects that children and young people will be able to walk to school, college or other place of education or, to use Transport for London’s (TFL) free London bus scheme for journeys that are a bit further away.

Passes for London’s free bus scheme can be obtained by:

  • Visiting and downloading an application form from www.tfl.gov.uk, or;
  • Calling into any underground station or ticket retailer for an application form

The council will always aim to support children to walk or use public transport independently by the age of 16, or earlier if at all possible. Where travel assistance is provided, and to support their travel independence, regular reviews will take place at key stages of the child’s/young person’s progression through the education system. We expect families to support us in this aim. When assessing applications for travel assistance, the council will have due regard to any relevant protected characteristics of the child/young person/applicant, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

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