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School statutory notices

These are the statutory notices and consultation meeting information relating to changes in schools.
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Below are the details of the consultation meeting for each proposal.

Proposal to Expand Drumbeat School

Monday 23rd May 2022 - 3.30pm

Turnham Academy, Turnham Road SE4 2HH

Proposal to change the age range of Fairlawn Primary School

Monday 23rd May - 5.00pm (online)

Link to join Fairlawn consultation meeting

Meeting ID: 713 4722 6006
Passcode: ithWw3

Proposal to add a SEN provision at Forster Park Primary School

Tuesday 24th May - 4.30pm (online)

Link to  join Forster Park consultation meeting

Meeting ID: 741 9364 8194
Passcode: YERY9y

Proposal to add a SEN provision at Edmund Waller Primary School

Thursday 26th May - 6.00pm

Edmund Waller Primary School, Waller Road SE14 5LY