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School attendance

If children do not attend school regularly, they will fall behind and may not be able to keep up with the work. By law, all children between the age of five and 16 must have a suitable full-time education.

School attendance expectations

Find information on school attendance and truancy.

Educating your child at home

We support the right of parents to educate at home and would like to work with parents, carers and the education community to develop effective and supportive partnerships.

Exclusion from school

Exclusion from school is very serious. Only the headteacher of a school can exclude a pupil and this must be on disciplinary grounds.

Children missing education

We believe that by adopting a robust and clear protocol in relation to children missing education it aims to ensure that our safeguarding responsibilities are met. We effectively ensure a child’s safety when we know how and where children are receiving their education.

Penalty notices for school absences

Find out about the fines we can issue if your child is regularly absent from school.

School absences and legal intervention

Find out what statutory legal intervention means and what you should do if you are referred for legal action.