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Construction licences – obstruction or potential damage to the public highway

We have a duty to protect our road and footpath network.
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The highway inspectors are responsible for dealing with interference and obstruction of the borough's public footways and carriageways. This includes instances of both a legal and illegal nature.

Officers from time to time are required to deal with businesses and individuals who, for whatever reason, breach the statutory protection relating to highways. The initial aim of officers is to assist businesses and others to comply with their legal obligations without unnecessary expense or hardship. However, firm action will be taken against those who disregard the law. Officers may deal with matters informally or formally and the action may lead to prosecution.

We handle all licence applications for works involving obstruction or potential damage to the public footway or carriageway (i.e. where scaffolding, hoardings or building materials are involved) and conducts site meetings with applicants. Based on its evaluation the inspector either approves the works, requests modifications to the plans, or denies permission altogether for the works to be carried out.

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