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Who runs the Council

Information about the elected officials who run the Council.

Lewisham Council is made up of one Mayor, who is elected by the whole borough, and 54 ward councillors – three elected by each of the 19 wards within the borough.

The Mayor is elected by all the citizens of Lewisham to lead our community, speak up for the borough and make key decisions about local services. The mayor leads the Council and proposes a budget and a policy framework.

Once the framework is set, the mayor can make decisions, within the framework, on implementing the policies. The mayor chooses up to nine councillors to form their cabinet. The cabinet helps the mayor make key decisions.

Local councillors play a central role. The Council has the power to agree or change the budget and policy framework proposed by the Mayor.

Councillors who are not in the cabinet help to develop policies and services through scrutiny. Councillors form select committees to examine specific issues. The business panel coordinates the select committees and has the power to call-in any key decisions made by the Mayor and cabinet.

The Council appoints some of its members to committees which deal with matters such as planning, the enforcement of standards of good conduct or licensing.