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Becoming a parent

Deciding to become a parent is a big step and advice and information are available to both in the borough and nationally which will help you. 

Thinking about having a baby?

If you're thinking about getting pregnant, you will want to give yourself and your baby-to-be the best possible start.

Staying healthy during pregnancy

Information about staying healthy during pregnancy, including advice on screenings, alcohol, exercise and vitamin D.

Where to have your baby

Having a baby can be a wonderful, joyful and daunting experience. One of your first decisions when you discover you are pregnant is where you will have your baby. Here are some of the organisations and options for you to consider.

Advice for parents of newborn babies

Find advice for the early days after your baby is born.

Feeling low during pregnancy or after having a baby

​Pregnancy and birth are not always what you expect. Some women might develop a physical problem like high blood pressure, while others may suffer from anxiety or depression. Find out what help is available to you here.

Long-term medical conditions

Long-term medical conditions include epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, mental health issues, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity or any other condition.

How to breastfeed

Information on how to breastfeed and how to tell if your baby is hungry.

Breastfeeding support drop-in sessions

If you are pregnant and interested in breastfeeding, need answers to breastfeeding questions or just want to meet other breastfeeding mums, come along to one of our breastfeeding support drop-in sessions.

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Young people

Find out what to do, where to go, how to get involved and get advice.

Being a parent

There is a lot to consider after the birth of a baby and the start of family life. The information on these pages should help and support you with decisions you might make as your family grows.

Council tax

Pay your council tax or use the forms below to apply for refunds and reductions, change your details and make other enquiries.