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How we determine if a child has a disability

The criteria we use to determine if a child has a disability and can access specialist services.

The Lewisham Children with Disability team recognises the importance of support to enable children and young people with a disability to remain safely and happily with their family and enabling them to benefit from activities within the community. The assessed impact of their disability should determine the level and nature of the support they need to enable this to happen.

Wherever possible, all children and young people will be supported to have their individual needs met by their parents/person(s) with parental responsibility, with or without support from their wider family, universal, targeted or early help services available within their local community.  

Services are available to Lewisham residents who have a child aged 0 to 18.We work with children up until the day before their 18th birthday. Young people aged 17+ who are receiving children’s services can get transition support to adult services.

We work with children with a disability who are substantially affected in their everyday living by one or more of the following:

  • Global developmental delay
  • Physical impairment   
  • A profound sensory impairment
  • A significantly disabling chronic ill health condition
  • Severe communication or language disorder
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning disability

  • A serious life limiting or terminal illness

We use the table below to determine if your child meets the threshold for a service from the CWD team.

If as a parent/carer you feel that your child/young person meets one or more of the severe and profound indicators, this would trigger a Child and Family assessment.