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Apply for street naming and numbering

Apply for new street names and numbers or to change your property name.

Prices for naming and numbering

New developments

  • New street name – £420 per street

  • New building naming – £420 per building

  • One new property number – £58

  • Multiple new property numbers (e.g. for a street or block of flats) – £58 one-off admin charge plus £13 per property 

Existing properties

  • Adding a name to a numbered property – £58

  • One change of house name or number – £58

  • Multiple changes to building name or number (e.g. converting a house into flats) – £58 one-off admin charge plus £13 per property

  • Confirmation of address to solicitor, agent, bank etc. – £37

Please note that street naming and numbering is not subject to VAT.

How to complete the form

1. Please read the street naming and numbering guidance before completing the form.  

2. Please complete the form on a Microsoft Windows machine such as a desktop computer or laptop. The form cannot be currently completed on devices running on Apple operating systems.  

3. You will need to have the following documents to hand, as well as your card for online payment:

  • Floor plan (indicating all the proposed entrances to the building and the number of floors).

  • Site plan/Location plan

  • Approved planning application

  • Building control certificate

  • Authorisation document if you are not the freeholder

  • Any other relevant documents (e.g. for large developments)

4. The contact details you provide must be for the person responsible for submitting the form, who is able to answer questions about the submission by phone or email.

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Street Naming and Numbering

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