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Street naming and numbering protocols

Learn about the street and building naming and numbering process and related protocols.
Planning service charges

Planning services have introduced new charges for withdrawing planning applications that have not been validated. These charges are to recover administrative costs. The charge for Non-Major applications is £41.67 (£50 including VAT) and for Major applications, it is £125 (£150 including VAT).

Consultation period

If you are a developer of a large estate, you should contact us as soon as you start work on site with your street or block naming proposals. We will initially check your proposed street names for duplication in the local area and if they are appropriate we will begin the statutory 28 day consultation period.

During this period, we will post public notices on the street and consult the emergency services and Royal Mail. If there are no objections to the naming proposals, we will formally assign the names to the streets or residential blocks and assign street and flat numbers as appropriate.

Signage and nameplates for streets and buildings

In the Lewisham borough, street name boards as supplied at Teasdale Ltd. They should have:

  • white boards

  • black text for the street name in 90mm Frutiger

  • blue text for the borough name and postcode in 40mm colour c:100 M:70 Y:0 K:0.


We assign postal addresses to new properties and developments, and Royal Mail assign postcodes. They will determine postcodes after they receive confirmation of the address we have assigned. After Royal Mail have assigned a postcode, we will send you formal notification of the new address.

Royal Mail does not put addresses on its website of properties that are incomplete or unoccupied. This means addresses that have been agreed with us may not immediately be visible to anyone using the website to validate an address for purposes such as providing goods or services related to that address or its owner.

You should tell us the date from which the property will be occupied. We will then instruct the Royal Mail to activate your new postcode. This will reduce the risk of problems that can occur if the address is not recognised by organisations such as credit rating agencies, utility companies, and couriers etc.

Royal Mail will not accept a new address or change of address from anybody other than our street naming and numbering department. Please do not assume a development will have the same post code as the surrounding or existing properties.

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Street Naming and Numbering

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