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Street naming and numbering legislation

​See legal information relating to street naming and numbering.

Land and property and street gazetteers 

All councils are responsible for street name and numbering, and they maintain a database of addresses called the local land and property gazetteer (LLPG).

Each local highway authority in England and Wales is also legally required to create and maintain its own local street gazetteer (LSG) and associated street data (ASD).

Only councils that provide all local government services (such as London borough councils) maintain both a LLPG and a LSG.

All councils send regular updates to the national land and property gazetteer (NLPG), and national street gazetteer (NSG). These systems contain address records for all properties, regardless of whether they are postal or not, and streets within an authority. These national systems are maintained locally to ensure all information is up to date.

All information we ask you to provide will be related to properties and streets, and is to ensure the accuracy of our LLPG and LSG and subsequently the NLPG and NSG. For more information about these initiatives please visit the NLPG and NSG website.  


Applications for the assignment of or alteration to street and building names and numbers must be in accordance with the London government act 1963, section 43 and the London building acts (amendment) act 1939, part II.

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Street Naming and Numbering

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