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Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum and Area

The Mayor of Lewisham has designated Grove Park as a neighbourhood area and has also designated a neighbourhood forum for this area.

Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan Referendum - The Result

A referendum on the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday 26 August 2021

People who live in the area were able to vote either in favour or against the proposed neighbourhood plan. This will affect how the Council will consider planning applications for Grove Park. The Neighbourhood Plan was created by members of Grove Park's local community and outlines a number of projects related to community infrastructure and green spaces.

Declaration of Result of Poll

I, Jamie Baker, being the Deputy Counting Officer at the referendum held on Thursday, 26th August 2021, DO HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of the following count information:

The total eligible electorate is 11,629
The total number of ballot papers received is 1,905
And the Turnout is 16.38%

Question: Do you want the London Borough of Lewisham to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Grove Park to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?

Yes votes = 1,727

No votes = 174

AND I HEREBY DECLARE that the electors voted YES in the referendum and the Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan has been approved.

Signed by Jamie Baker, Deputy Counting Officer, Friday 27 August 2021. 

More documents and information regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and the Referendum:

Grove Park Referendum - Official Declaration of Result

Grove Park Referendum Information Statement

General Information statement on Town and Country Planning

Grove Park Notice of Referendum

Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan - Adopted Version

Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan - Adopted Version

Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan - Adoption Statement

Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan Examination

The Council with agreement from the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum has appointed Deborah McCann BSc MRICS MRTPI Dip Arch Con Dip LD to undertake the examination for the Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum.

The examiner has sent the following letter with questions to the Neighbourhood Forum. 

Questions for the forum

Questions for the forum 04/01/2021

Forum response to examiners questions

Appendix 1 – Independent examiners report on Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan

Appendix 2 – Lewisham Council Decision notice


Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum re-designation

The application to re-designate the Grove Park Neighbourhood forum has been approved. 

The Grove Park Neighbourhood Forum designation will run until 20 October 2025.

Information about the application

The supporting documents for this application are below. Please note that the list of supporters is not available for inspection by the public for data protection reasons.

Regulation 16 consultation responses

Responses to the Draft Grove Park neighbourhood plan Regulation 16 consultation.

Grove Park Draft Plan Submission

The Grove Park Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to the council on 11/07/2019.


All queries regarding membership of the Forum and the activities of the Forum should be made directly to Stephen Kenny at info@grovepark.org.uk or on 020 8857 7980.

Get further information on the Grove Park Forum.

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