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Guide to commenting on planning applications

Find out how to comment on planning applications that affect you.
Planning service charges

Planning services have introduced new charges for withdrawing planning applications that have not been validated. These charges are to recover administrative costs. The charge for Non-Major applications is £41.67 (£50 including VAT) and for Major applications, it is £125 (£150 including VAT).

You can comment on planning applications in the borough. Your views can help us reach a balanced view about whether or not to grant planning permission to a proposal.

How to comment

You can comment on a planning application online, by email or in writing.

In your comment, you should include:

  • the application number or site address
  • your name and address
  • the date of your comment.

After we receive your comment, the planning committee and planning officers will review it.

Comments cannot be submitted as anonymous, even if the writer expressly wishes it (in accordance with the Local Government Act 2000).

Make a comment online

The quickest and easiest way to comment is online. If you make a comment online, we will acknowledge we have received it within two working days.

Make a comment by email

Email your comment to planning@lewisham.gov.uk.

Make a comment in writing

Send your comment in writing to:

Planning Department
Lewisham Council
Laurence House
Catford Road
London SE6 4RU

Type your letter or make sure your handwriting is easy to read.

What you should comment about

  • Examples of material planning considerations we will consider include:
  • local, strategic, and national policies and guidance
  • impact on amenity such as privacy; sunlight; overshadowing and overlooking (but not loss of a view)
  • planning site history, including appeal decisions
  • highways issues – traffic generation, vehicular access, pedestrian and highway safety
  • impact on listed buildings, conservation areas and non-designated heritage assets
  • impact on nature conservation and biodiversity
  • design or appearance of a development, including density, layout, height and finishing materials.
  • compatibility with other uses in the area
  • noise and disturbance from proposed uses and hours of operation
  • impact on social infrastructure such as schools
  • the potential to reduce pollution including carbon emissions

Invalid comments

  • We will not consider comments about:
  • loss of value to property
  • noise from construction
  • loss of view
  • issues of a moral or religious nature
  • health and safety risks
  • opposition to business competition
  • matters controlled under other legislation such as Building Control, Drainage, Licensing
  • private issues between neighbours such as land/boundary disputes, damage to property, rights of access, restrictive covenants
  • objections to principle of development where this has been settled by a previous planning permission or appeal

Offensive and abusive content

Your objections or supporting comments on applications must be:

  • rational
  • impersonal
  • only about the planning issues raised by the proposal

We cannot be held responsible for your comments on planning applications. This includes content that is personal, slanderous, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or abusive.This sort of comment is not constructive or helpful to us in coming to a decision on an application.

We may take further action if you make slanderous, libellous or defamatory remarks about us in a comment.

Where we are unable to take account of your comments in some cases

You can comment on any planning application except for:

  • lawful development certificates
  • approval of details
  • advert consent
  • non-material amendment applications
  • EIA screening.

Check the type of a planning application before you make a comment.

Time periods for commenting on applications

You usually have 24 days from the date that the planning proposal is published to make a comment.

However this can vary, so you should check the notification publicity, letter or site notice for confirmation of the time you have to make your comment.

We will take all valid comments into account up until the application has been decided.

What happens when you comment on a planning application

We will acknowledge receipt of your comments by email or by letter, but we will not respond to your individual comments.

Apart from acknowledging receipt of your comment, we will not contact you again unless:

  • significant changes have been made to the development proposal, requiring re-consultation (repeat consultation may have a shorter time period)
  • we are notifying you that the application will be heard at a planning committee
  • a decision has been made.

Your privacy

To find out how your information will be used, see our privacy statement.

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