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Claim a grant for buying a house

If you live in a Lewisham Homes or Regenter B3 property, we can give you a cash grant of £25,000–£44,000 to help you buy a new home.

Not only does this help you get on the property ladder, it also helps to free up homes for people on the Council's housing list.

The size of the grant depends on where you would like to move to and the type of property you are giving up. The grant is paid when the sale is completed so cannot be used as a deposit.

Cash Incentive Scheme

You are eligible to apply if:

  • you are a secure tenant of a Lewisham Homes or Regenter B3 property

  • your current home has one bedroom or more (no bedsits or studio flats)

  • you, or any other person that you are purchasing with, doesn't own any other property

  • you are able to give us vacant and undamaged possession of your council home when you receive the grant

  • you are able to provide a mortgage in principle certificate.

How to apply

Check you are eligible for the grant, ensuring you have read through the information sheet below.

Then complete the application form and return to us along with your mortgage in principle certificate.

You can also contact us to be sent the form in the post.

If your application is successful, we will contact you within two weeks with further details about the scheme.

Which properties can be bought with this grant?

You can buy a property on the open market anywhere in the UK except the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. The property should be within your mortgage limit. The maximum value of the property to be purchased may change each year so you may need to check before you make an offer.

You cannot buy into an existing mortgage and you cannot use the grant to buy the following types of properties:

  • mobile home or house boat

  • property sold at auction

  • business or part business property

  • your existing council property under the right to buy scheme

  • property abroad

  • property combining homebuy, shared ownership or any similar scheme.

Do I have to repay the grant?

No. The grant is not repayable and there is no charge against the property purchased.

If I find a property to purchase, am I entitled to a grant?

You will have to make an application and wait for the go ahead before you make an offer on a property. There may not be funds available at that time.

Can I apply for the Cash Incentive Scheme if I am in a housing decant programme?

Yes. You may be eligible for the grant and will receive priority. The grant you receive will be based on the size of property that you are registered for and not the size of the property that you currently occupy.

When will the grant I applied for be paid?

We will arrange for the money to be with your solicitors by the date that you exchange contracts on the property you are purchasing.

Your solicitor will not be permitted to release the money until the day you complete the purchase of your new home and you have met the following conditions:

  • You leave your present home in a good condition.

  • Your present home is vacant and all your personal possessions removed.

  • You must not owe the Council any rent, or other amounts such as overpaid housing benefit from previous tenancies.

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