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Affordable ways to buy a home

Get advice about buying your own home.

If you are a first time buyer, getting onto the housing ladder can be difficult and expensive, particularly if you do not have a big income.

If you cannot afford to buy a home outright there are a number of options to help Lewisham residents.

  • Cash incentive scheme (for Council tenants)
  • shared ownership
  • Rent to Homebuy
  • accessible housing
  • other options.

Shared ownership

Instead of buying a property all at once, some housing associations allow you to part buy, part rent a property. At first, you might only be able to afford to buy a quarter or half of your home and pay rent to the housing association for the remainder. But 'staircasing' allows you to buy more and more of the property as you become more financially secure. The following websites can provide more information:

Rent to Homebuy

This option enables you to rent a new build home at a discounted price of a minimum of a 20% discount, on a tenancy of between two to three years. At the end of your tenancy you can apply to buy your home on a shared ownership basis.

Accessible housing

Wheelchair accessible homes are sometimes available under the above schemes. 

Other options

From time to time there are other schemes by housing associations and private developers that are aimed at those who cannot afford to buy a new home outright.  

Homes for Londoners

Homes for Londoners is the official intermediate housing programme from the Mayor of London helping low and modest income Londoners to buy or rent at a price they can afford. Properties are advertised in partnership with Property Booking on the Homes for Londoners portal.

Useful websites