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Keeping safe

Information and advice on home security, fire safety and how to keep safe at home.


Asbestos is a hazardous material that was once widely used in construction. Specific safety measures are required to identify and manage areas where it could still be found.

Storage of gas cylinders

Portable gas/fuel cylinders can cause explosions when involved in a fire.

Bogus callers

How to deal with unexpected visitors to your home.

Building safety

We want to make sure everyone in our council homes lives in safe, well-maintained buildings.

Clear corridors

Help keep homes safe from fire by ensuring corridors are kept clear.

Fire safety

Fire safety across Lewisham's council homes and how to reduce the risk of fire at home

Help in an emergency

In an emergency, would you need help to leave your home? We are asking all Lewisham Council tenants and leaseholders residents this question.

Front entrance doors

Your front entrance doors are important for fire safety.

Gas and electric safety

Find out more about how to keep your home safe.

Home security

Make sure your home and its contents are safe and secure.

Water safety

Make sure your water supply is safe to use.