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Grounds maintenance

The upkeep and care of the green areas on your estates is carried out by our team of gardeners.

What do our gardeners do?

Our gardeners carry out different work throughout the year depending on the season.


From mid-November to early March, we will:

  • do work to prevent weed growth
  • prepare for spring planting
  • remove dead shrubs
  • improve, prepare and dig the soil around the plant beds

Towards the end of February we will:

  • do a first grass cut
  • do some shrub and flower bed maintenance


From mid-February to the end of April we will:

  • cut the grass
  • attend to any weeds
  • apply bark mulch to the plant beds to improve the soil and give your gardens a neat, tidy appearance
  • do improvements such as grass seed laying and bulb planting
  • fill plant beds with new shrubs, plants and flowers wherever there are gaps


From early June to the end of August we will continue to:

  • cut the grass
  • clear the weeds
  • clear the beds
  • apply weed control to paths and walkways


From early September to early November we will:

  • cut the grass
  • clear fallen leaves in all areas
  • cut any wild gardens


The weather may sometimes delay the gardening we're planning to do.

Your views

We want to hear your views and ideas about how your green areas should look. We know how important it is to be happy with where you live. If you’d like to get involved with improving our green services, please email our team: environment@lewishamhomes.org.uk.

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