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How to get new trees planted

Find out how you can bring more trees to the borough by sponsoring new planting.

What is the tree-planting scheme?

Residents or groups in the borough can get a new tree planted with Street Trees for Living.

All you have to do is contribute to the planting cost and agree to water and keep an eye on the tree for two years.

Register your interest

Alternatively you can get in touch:

Cost of planting a new tree

A group of six neighbours who applied together would pay £50 each. For that they would get:

  • a choice of location

  • a choice of species from a range, subject to our approval

  • professional planting of a specimen of approximately four metres

  • two stakes

  • a guarantee against failure or damage.

When we plant trees

Planting takes place in winter or early spring.

Trees planted so far

Since 2012, Street Trees For Living have planted over one thousand trees. 

More information about tree-planting

Find out more on Street Trees For Living's website.