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What the Procurement Team does

The Procurement Team provides a full range of services to all our managers and staff. It provides expert advice and support to managers involved in contracting or procurement activity.

The team also has lead responsibility for discharging our legal obligations relating to procurement, including Best Value, Value for Money, EU regulations and/or similar legislation and is now responsible for the corporate procurement strategy.

The services delivered by the Procurement Team are outlined below. In some cases the matters identified may be imposed, for example where there is a need to comply with legislation, maintain consistency of practice and propriety or ensure compliance with Council policies and procedures.

The Procurement Team:

  • maintains a strategic overview of corporate procurement activity and ensure that contracts and purchasing arrangements are carried out in line with legal requirements and the Council’s policies and procedures

  • provides advice and guidance on all aspects of the Council’s contractual procedures, including standing orders, financial regulations and Lewisham’s procurement guide, undertaking liaison as necessary to keep clients and service groups fully informed on changes to legislation or policy and guidance

  • advises on, tender and contract documentation that combines best practice with service requirements and customer expectation

  • provides training on contractual procedures and other relevant topics

  • provides a contact point and communication link for managers and service groups for corporate activity on contracting

  • produces procedural and best practice notes on procurement

  • provides consultancy/expert service on contractual issues and disputes.



Fourth Floor, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London, SE6 4RU