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Why Modern Fables pays the London Living Wage

Modern Fables is south London’s truly immersive escape room experience where every puzzle tells the story.

They set themselves apart from other escape rooms by creating site-specific, story-led games focused on immersing players in unique sensory stories.

Why we signed up to the London Living Wage

It was important to try and foster the right culture in the business at the beginning. Yes we are a small company, but we want to be different than any other escape room. I want to turn the role into a profession as it’s vital to the success of the business. I also believe it is the right thing to do as a business. 

The benefits

There is a sense of ownership that the staff get. It helps our staff in the grander scheme of things as well as it helps them to have a life outside of work in London, which is difficult when you are earning less than the London Living Wage.

The challenges

It feels a bit risky at first, as you’re just getting started as a business and want to keep your overheads low. It feels less risky when business is booming of course, but either way I feel it is important to build your foundation on staff and invest in them by paying the London Living Wage.

Why we recommend the scheme

I would definitely recommend the scheme. As well as being the right thing to do, it is always wise to invest in your staff.