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The Register Office performance and customer satisfaction

​This page outlines what you can expect from the registration service. You can also find out how we are performing within our service.
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We will aim to register 98% of births within 42 calendar days from date of birth.

Month Birth registrations Total registered within 42 days
June 2022 255 94%
July 2022 293 94%
August 2022 257 95%

We will aim to register 90% of deaths (excluding post mortem and inquest cases) within five calendar days of the event.

It is a statutory duty to register deaths within five calendar days and we ensure that appointments are available within two working days from when customers contact us. Approximately 5% of deaths requires some local authority investigation before they can be registered. This makes reaching the national target very challenging and the General Register Office is aware of the problem.

Month Death registrations Total registered within 5 days
June 2022 70 34%
July 2022 70 33%
August 2022 68 28%

We will aim to see 95% of our customers early, on time or within 10 minutes of the appointment time.

Month Total number of customers arrived on time Percentage seen within 10 minutes of appointment
June 2022 117 97% 
July 2022 387 95% 
August 2022 348 94%

We will aim to respond to all enquiries, including email enquiries, within 10 working days.

We will aim to acknowledge all complaints within two working days and provide a full response within 10 working days.  

During your enquiry, how happy were you with the reception services? (On a scale of 1–10 [10 being the most satisfied])

June 2022 9.86
July 2022 9.80
August 2022 5.00

During your enquiry, how happy were you with the Officer?

(On a scale of 1–10 [10 being the most satisfied])

June 2022 9.32
July 2022 7.38
August 2022 8.03
How easy was it to obtain a registration appointment online?

Good availability Limited availability Poor availability
June 2022 65% 35% 0%
July 2022 63% 27%  10% 
August 2022 54% 37%  9%

You can give us feedback in a variety of ways.

Giving us feedback  

There are a number of different types of feedback you can give to us:

  • We want to hear your suggestions and ideas about services.
  • If you are unhappy with something we have done you can complain. We want to provide a good quality service. If things go wrong we need to know so that we can put them right.

  • Tell us when you think a council employee or service has done well.