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Marriages and civil partnerships

Find out what changes have been made to marriage and civil partnership ceremonies due to COVID-19.

New bookings for marriages and civil partnerships

If you had a ceremony booked that was cancelled due to COVID-19 this will happen in July or August. If you want to cancel your ceremony or notice appointment you can get a refund by emailing register.office@lewisham.gov.uk.

No new ceremonies will be booked until September. 

How the ceremony will be carried out

All rooms meet social distancing criteria.

Wearing face coverings to the ceremony

Face coverings must be worn at all times. Your ceremony will be cancelled if any one arrives without a face covering. This does not include children under the age of 11.

Test and trace

You will be required to provide an accurate record of all attendee’s names and contact details. This information will be kept for 21 days to assist NHS Test and Trace.

Changes to ceremonies

  • Ceremonies will be shortened to include only the minimum legal requirements.
  • All attendees will be required to stand throughout the ceremony unless there are medical reasons for someone to be seated.
  • Rings can be exchanged but the couple must hold the rings. You cannot use a ring cushion/tray or ask the witnesses/guests to hold the rings.
  • The registrar will not say ‘you may kiss…’
  • You will not receive a certificate on the day of your ceremony, it will be posted to you within 7 working days of your ceremony.
  • The car park is closed.
  • The garden can be used at your own risk. Guidance on outside gatherings can be found on gov.uk.
  • There will not be a reduction of the ceremony fee.

Evelyn Suite ceremonies

The Evelyn Suite will have a maximum capacity of 14 people. This includes the couple, witnesses and guests. Any photographer or child will count towards guest numbers. Any photographer must remain static during the proceedings and will not be able to stand with the registrars.

There will be no live or recorded music played.

Lewisham Register Office ceremonies

A maximum of four people can attend. This is the couple and two witnesses.

Lewisham Register Office civil partnership signings

A maximum of four people can attend. This is the couple and two witnesses.