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Changes to funerals

Changes have been made to the way we hold funerals due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Attending funerals

Government rules around social distancing and self-isolation for those with COVID-19 symptoms present specific challenges to bereaved families and friends wishing to attend the funerals and cremations of loved ones, or to comfort each other in close proximity.

London-wide, we are working hard with faith leaders, funeral directors and others to offer support and to ensure that, wherever possible, family wishes will be acknowledged and respected.

To allow our bereavement team to facilitate funerals and services in these difficult circumstances we have made some necessary changes to funeral services.

  • Please speak to your funeral director for guidance on the number of people allowed to attend the service.
  • Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, in a high-risk group or is self-isolating, should not attend but anyone in either of these groups intending to join a service MUST inform the funeral director.

Your funeral director will guide you through these changes.

Hither Green crematorium has a webcam service. Whilst no substitute for a traditional funeral, this currently allows for a celebrant or minister to conduct a service with a eulogy and music selected by the families with the funeral director. Your funeral director can advise and assist you when making arrangements for a webcam.

Burying or cremating people according to their faith

We are aware of how distressing the death of a loved one is, particularly in these circumstances. We will always be mindful of this duty and do our best to respect the wishes of the deceased and their religion or beliefs. Sadly however, given the possible increase in the number of deaths, it may not be possible to achieve this. 

Paying for a funeral

Check if you are eligible for support with paying for the funeral.