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Apply to the local support scheme

You are about to make an application to our local support scheme.

Our local support scheme is now administered by Lambeth Council.

Your application form and any supporting evidence will be handled in the strictest confidence by specialist staff in Lambeth Council in accordance with all of our existing policy rules concerning our local support scheme.

We have ensured that there will be no change to the current means by which our residents have access to and are served by this scheme.

In order to fully and fairly assess your application, specialist officers at Lambeth Council will be required to both access and request information held about you in our housing benefits and council tax records.

They may also need to get supporting evidence from other departments such as Adult Social Care. They may contact you or your representative to clarify your application details.

Further, they will access information to satisfy the eligibility rules of the local support scheme via benefit information databases held by the Department for Work and Pensions.

We may disclose your personal data to other third parties if we are required to by law. All processing and disclosures of personal data will be securely protected as per the General Data Protection Regulation.

All information, both requested and obtained by Lambeth Council, will be limited to that necessary to process the application you are about to make to our local support scheme.

Regrettably, if permission to access data is denied, there is no alternative means of dealing with your application at this time.

By choosing to continue with your application from this point, you are agreeing to allow access to information and contact from Lambeth Council staff.