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Local assemblies

Find out about local assembly and how you can get involved.

What are Local Assemblies

Local Assemblies are community-based open forums aiming to actively involve, consult, empower and learn from residents and those working and studying in Lewisham Council’s local wards.

Each Assembly is your chance to:

  • Find out what is happening in your ward
  • Discuss and share what matters to you
  • Work with your councillors and others to identify solutions and shape the future of your neighbourhood.

Meetings take place up to four times a year. They are a collaboration between the Council, the community, the voluntary sector, the police and others to make real change happen. With yearly priorities for discussion decided by the local community. 

Get involved

You can get involved by contacting your local councillor or the Council’s Community Development Team using details below. Attend one of the regular meetings or submit your contributions via email to get your voice heard.

Your Local Assembly


Contact detailsBellinghamLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6585   

Upcoming meetings: March 2023. Date and venue will be confirmed soon.

Find out more about Bellingham 


Contact details: BlackheathLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6585 

Upcoming meetings: January 2023. Date and venue will be confirmed soon

Find out more about Blackheath


Contact details: BrockleyLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 7647

Upcoming meetings: Saturday 3 December 2022, 2-4pm, Goldsmiths, University of London Room 304a, Richard Hoggart Building, New Cross, SE14 6NW

Find out more about Brockley

Catford South

Contact details: CatfordSouthLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6585 

Upcoming meetings: Monday 6 February 2023. Time and venue to be confirmed.

Find out more about Catford South

Crofton Park

Contact details: CroftonParkLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6306

Upcoming meetings: Tuesday 13 December 2022, 7-9pm, Online meeting via MS Teams. Access the meeting here.

Find out more about Crofton Park


Contact details: DeptfordLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6306

Upcoming meetings: Saturday 10 December 2022, 2-5pm, Mulberry Centre, 15 Amersham Vale, London SE14 6LE.

Find out more about Deptford


Contact details: DownhamLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3387 

Upcoming meetings: 2 March 2023. This will be an online meeting. Information and agenda coming in the new year.

Find out more about Downham 


Contact details: EvelynLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 7647

Upcoming meetings: early 2023

Christmas tree light up event: Friday 2 December 2022, 6.30pm, Meet by the tree near Evelyn Street/Abinger Grove, SE8 5NF.

Find out more about Evelyn.

Forest Hill

Contact details: ForestHillLa@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3830  

Upcoming meetings: Thursday 24 November 2022, 7.30-9.30pm, Online through MS Teams. Join the meeting here.

Christmas tree light up event: Saturday 10 December 2022, 4pm, Join us at the tree outside Forest Hill train station, SE23 3HB

Find out more about Forest Hill

Grove Park

Contact details: GroveParkLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3387   

Upcoming meetings: Saturday 4 February 2023. Time and venue to be confirmed soon.

Find out more about Grove Park

Hither Green

Contact details: HitherGreenLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3387 

Upcoming meetings:
 Saturday 3 December 2022, 10-12 noon, Goldsmiths Community Centre, Castillon Rd, SE6 1QD 

Find out more about Hither Green


Contact details: LadywellLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6026   

Upcoming meetings: Tuesday 24 January 2023. Time and venue to be confirmed soon.

Find out more about Ladywell

Lee Green

Contact details: LeeGreenLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6026

Upcoming meetings: Friday 9 December, 7-9pm, Lochaber Hall, Manor Lane Terrace, SE13 5QL. 

Find out more about Lee Green

Lewisham Central

Contact details: LewishamCentralLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6026

Upcoming meetings: February 2023. Date, time and venue to be confirmed soon.

Find out more about Lewisham Central

New Cross Gate

Contact details: NewCrossGate@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3830

Upcoming Meetings: January 2023. Date, time and venue to be confirmed soon.

Find out more about New Cross Gate

Perry Vale

Contact details: PerryValeLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 3830

Upcoming meetings: Tuesday 13 December 2022, 6-7.30pm. Online via ME Teams.

Access the meeting 

Christmas tree lighting event: Saturday 9 December 2022, Tree lights up at 4.30pm. Meet by the tree near the old fire station on the corner of Perry Vale and Woolstone Rd, SE23 2JF.

Find out more about Perry Vale

Rushey Green

Contact details: RusheyGreenLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 6314

Upcoming meetings: Wednesday 15 March 2023, 7-9pm, Venue or Online meeting TBC.

Christmas tree light up event: Sunday 27 November 2022, 4.15-4.45pm, By the tree, Catford Broadway (West End) SE6 4SP.

Find out more about Rushey Green


Contact details: SydenhamLA@lewisham.gov.uk, 020 8314 7729 

Upcoming meetings: Saturday 3 December 2022, 2-3.30pm, Sydenham Centre, 44a Sydenham Road, SE26 5QF

Christmas tree light up event: Saturday 3 December 2022, 5pm. Meet at the tree outside the Sydenham Centre to enjoy the OLSPN brass band, carols and lighting of Christmas tree.

Find out more about Sydenham

Telegraph Hill

Community Funding

Residents can apply for funds from the Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL) to support community development. Ideas on what can be funded can be shared at your local assembly.

In 2022 150 projects shared a total of £2,931,270 in funding through the levy, find out what was funded in your ward.

Information on your ward

You can find useful information on your ward such as demographic, social and economic data using our online data explorer.