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Get involved in your community with Crofton Park Assembly

You can help decide how to improve your local area at a local assembly open meeting. Find out about Crofton Park Assembly meetings and more.
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Image of where the crofton park local assembly is held

Meeting information

Information about the next Corfton Park Assembly meeting

We are currently planning the next Crofton Park assembly meeting. Information and agenda will be posted here soon.

Top priorities for Crofton Park Assembly

Residents, community groups and local businesses have identified our top priorities:

  • activities for older people.

  • activities for young people.

  • the environment.

  • health and well-being.

NCIL Ward Fund Update

On 9 March 2022, Mayor and Cabinet agreed total funding of £2,931,270 for 150 projects across 18 wards focussing on locally agreed priorities to be delivered over the next two years.

Crofton Park NCIL Ward Fund - £43,959

Crofton Park Ward NCIL Priorities 

  • Transport and streets
  • Community safety
  • Open/green spaces and nature
  • Air quality
  • Community facilities
  • Children and Youth services
  • Covid Recovery

Crofton Park received 6 applications totalling £52,690.81and 5 were approved.
Full details of the projects approved by Mayor & Cabinet are set out in the table below;

Crofton Park - £43,959

Fourth Reserve Foundation

Olive Leaf Circle - a green space for vulnerable groups


Stillness Junior School

Stillness Eco Garden


Friends of Crofton Park Railway Garden

Enhancing Crofton Park Railway Garden for families and biodiversity


Rock-iOrganisation Community Project

Rock-iOrganisation Community Project


The Brockley Green Collection a Living Museum

Crofton Park Community Link


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