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About local assemblies

Find out what a local assembly is and how you can get involved.
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What local assemblies are

Local Assemblies are community-based open forums aiming to actively involve, consult, empower and learn from residents and those working and studying in Lewisham council’s local wards.

Each Assembly is your chance to:

  • Find out what is happening in your ward
  • Discuss and share what matters to you
  • Work with your councillors and others to identify solutions and shape the future of your neighbourhood.

How they work

Local Assembly meetings take place up to four times a year. They are a collaboration between the Council, the community, the voluntary sector, the police and others to make real change happen. All Assemblies seek the views and ideas of all parts of the community and welcome contributions from people across each ward, including those who find it difficult to attend formal meetings.

Priorities for discussion at Assemblies are agreed in consultation with local residents and other interested parties. In some cases, Assemblies will be hosted by a local organisation and in others they will be organised by Council officers and councillors for individual wards. Some Assemblies will also take place online and arrangements can be made for people unable to attend meetings to make contributions through other means.


Read the equalities impact assessment for the assemblies programme.

How you can get involved

You can get involved by contacting your local councillor or the Council’s Community Development Team at the links below.

Information about your local Councillors can be found on individual ward pages.


Find out which assembly you belong to

To find out which ward and assembly you belong to, type in your postcode in the find your councillor search.