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Catford regeneration: frequently asked questions

Catford is on the brink of exciting change.

What's happening?

We are leading a major regeneration which will transform the town centre by rerouting the south circular, freeing up more pedestrian space.

  • Catford Shopping Centre will be redeveloped, providing new retail space.
  • Milford Towers will be replaced, providing several hundred new homes across the town centre.
  • Pedestrian-friendly areas, open spaces and new community facilities will also be created.

What does regeneration mean?

Regeneration is about transforming an area to improve quality of life and meet the demands of a constantly growing and changing area. This means more and better homes in safe and welcoming places, with access to jobs and training. Regeneration brings communities together so people have a real say in the way their neighbourhood is developed.

When will it happen?

Work on the masterplan began in September 2018 by the selected architects, Studio Egret West and Carl Turner Architects. They will share the early draft with the community for feedback. Once the final version has been drawn up and following approval by Mayor and Cabinet, proposals for individual sites will be considered through the planning process.

The overall plan is a long term. Some aspects will begin construction after 2020 with the entire redevelopment complete by 2030.

Regeneration is not just about physical change. Place-making and 'meanwhile use' initiatives organised by Team Catford are already revitalising the town centre. These include the Catford Street Art Project, 17 Catford Broadway, Catford Food Market and family-focused craft events and film screenings, and new tenants in council-owned units.

What is a masterplan?

A masterplan includes analysis, recommendations, and proposals for a site's:

  • population
  • economy
  • housing
  • transportation
  • community facilities
  • land use.

It is based on:

  • public input
  • surveys
  • planning initiatives
  • existing development
  • physical characteristics
  • social and economic conditions.

The masterplan will form part of the evidence base for our local plan. It will establish a framework for new development in the town centre. We and our partners will use it in funding bids for a range of transport and regeneration schemes.

Who is paying? Will it raise our council tax?

No, it won’t raise council tax. The regeneration of Catford town centre will have funding from a number of different sources, including the Government and private sector investment.

We have to be realistic and the project has to be financially viable. We will take advice and thoroughly test the scheme from the outset. We want a robust master plan that is costed and deliverable in the long term.

Who is Team Catford?

Team Catford is a team who specialise in engagement, place-making, film-making, social media, meanwhile use and town centre management.

They all live in the borough, mainly Catford, and are passionate about leading a change that reflects the character of Catford.

They are leading on major community engagement and place-making on our behalf.

They are here to make sure that everyone who lives, works, socialises, shops, commutes or runs a business in Catford has their say as our neighbourhood changes.

What consultation has happened so far?

  • Team Catford has held over 50 engagement events with over 250 hours of face-to-face stakeholder engagement.
  • While distributing flyers, community newsletters and businesses newsletters, they’ve spent at least a further 30 hours talking to business owners and members of the public.
  • They've also spent around 50 hours engaging with the local community as they document and gather vox-pops from the local community on film.
  • They have also collected and distilled 1,819 comments from the online engagement platform Commonplace and have based themselves at 17 Catford Broadway, which was officially opened by Damien Egan, Mayor of Lewisham in September 2018.

Is the Bakerloo Line coming to Catford?

We are doing everything possible to persuade the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) to extend the Bakerloo Line to Catford.

In early 2017, TfL undertook a public consultation on extending the Bakerloo line to Lewisham. Read the Bakerloo Line consultation report (opens as a PDF).

Will the south circular road be moved?

With agreement from TfL we’re now planning to reroute this major road behind Laurence House. This will unlock a huge area of land for new shops, homes and public space and make the town centre safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

How can I have my say?

Add your comments to the map, and feel free to pop along to chat to us at one of our forthcoming events.

See other ways to contact Team Catford.