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Catford regeneration: frequently asked questions

A framework plan will shape the vision for Catford town centre for decades to come.

What’s happening?

We are leading a major regeneration which will transform the town centre by rerouting the South Circular Road, freeing up more pedestrian space.

  • Catford Shopping Centre will be redeveloped, providing new retail and commercial space.
  • Milford Towers will be replaced, providing several hundred new homes across the town centre.
  • New public space, civic and community facilities will also be created.

What does regeneration mean?

Regeneration is about transforming an area to improve quality of life and meet the demands of a constantly growing and changing area. This means more and better homes in safe and welcoming places, with access to jobs and training. Regeneration brings communities together so people have a real say in the way their neighbourhood is developed.

When will it happen?

Consultation on the framework plan began in 2017 and a final version is now being shared with the community ahead of finalisation in spring 2021. Once agreed, proposals for individual sites will be considered through the planning process.

Change on this scale takes time to deliver. Some aspects of the framework plan will begin construction after 2021 with the entire redevelopment complete by mid 2030s. Early projects include improvements to the stations area around Catford Bridge and Catford station, the refurbishment of one of the oldest buildings in the town centre, home to the former Catford Constitutional Club with Good Growth Funding.

Regeneration is not just about physical change. Placemaking events organised by Team Catford are already revitalising the town centre. These include Catford Food Market, family craft events and film screenings. A ‘meanwhile use’ programme to make use of vacant space in the town centre has already introduced new tenants  in Council-owned units - Yoga House and Catford Mews - with more to come with retail space at 17 Catford Broadway and a new home for pop-up shop and engagement space, House of Catford.

What is a framework plan?

A framework plan is a long-term vision for land-use that considers the local population’s economic, housing, transport and community needs. For Catford, the framework plan will guide development over the next couple of decades and individual planning applications will be prepared using the principles established in the framework plan.

The Catford Town Centre Framework will form part of the evidence base for our local plan [LINK]. It will establish a framework for new development in the town centre. We and our partners will use it in funding bids for a range of transport and regeneration schemes.

Who is paying? Will it raise our council tax?

No, it won’t raise council tax. The regeneration of Catford town centre will have funding from a number of different sources, including the Government and private sector investment.

We have to be realistic and the project has to be financially viable. We will take advice and thoroughly test the scheme from the outset. We want a robust framework plan that is costed and deliverable in the long term.

Which area does the framework plan cover?

The Catford Town Centre Framework plan covers the central area of the town centre - currently occupied by the Catford Shopping Centre, Milford Towers, Old Town Hall and Civic Suite and Laurence House. The Grade II listed Broadway Theatre will be a focal point for regeneration with new public space for cultural and performance. It also covers the area between the two stations - Catford and Catford Bridge - as well as the approach to the town centre and the South Circular Road.

Sites not owned by the Council - Plassy Island (the retail park where McDonalds is located) and the site currently occupied by Halfords and Wickes alongside the railway lines - will be explored through the framework plan.

Catford Green (site of the former greyhound stadium) is also included within the framework plan although the homes have already been built. Funds secured for a previous proposal for a footbridge over the railway will be reallocated to improvements to the stations area.

Connectivity improvements for pedestrians and cyclists will be explored up to the ‘Catford Triangle’ (the junction of Catford Road and Catford Hill) with consideration given to TfL’s proposals for the A21 and other planned improvements including School Streets and nearby low traffic neighbourhoods..

See more about our transport programmes.

Who is Team Catford?

Team Catford leads the community engagement for the Catford Town Centre Framework on behalf of the Council. The team specialises in engagement, meanwhile use, community events and town centre management. They all live in the borough, mainly Catford, and are passionate about leading a change that reflects the character of Catford.

They are here to make sure that everyone who lives, works, socialises, shops, commutes or runs a business in Catford has their say as our neighbourhood changes.

What consultation has happened so far?

Team Catford started the #CatfordConversation four years ago taking the time for everyone’s voice to be heard, sometimes formally and sometimes casually as we spoke to the residents in our pop-up shop House of Catford, breaking down the barriers that too often prevent people engaging in a regeneration discussion.

All the feedback gathered during conversations with residents and businesses in Catford has informed the Catford Town Centre Framework and identified the priorities for the Catford of the future.
We have captured over 2,500 comments and ideas via our digital engagement websites:

Visit our Catford Town Centre engagement website.

Visit our Catford Framework engagement website.

Is the Bakerloo Line coming to Catford?

As a community, we have worked hard to present a compelling case to persuade the Mayor of London and Transport for London (TfL) for a further extension beyond Lewisham to Hayes and Beckenham Junction (via Catford). TfL are considering responses to the consultation undertaken in 2019 and expect to publish an analysis and response to issues raised later in 2020.

Will the south circular road be moved?

With agreement from TfL we’re now planning to reroute this major road behind Laurence House. This will unlock a huge area of land for new shops, homes and public space making the town centre safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

As part of this, there will be opportunities to consider new pedestrian crossings and cycle lanes. As part of a wider strategy to improve sustainable transport across the borough, TfL is implementing measures to improve cycling and bus journeys on a stretch of the A21 road between Lewisham and Catford. The Council is also rolling out measures to improve cycling and walking through ‘low traffic neighbourhoods’ and the framework plan will build on these principles.

How can I have my say?

Feedback from the community has shaped the Catford Town Centre Framework and a draft of this Framework Plan is now available. See and comment on the draft Catford Town Centre Framework.

Ahead of it being finalised in spring 2021, we’d like to hear what you think about the framework plan. Find out more about our engagement sessions.

You can also visit the Team Catford website to find out more, sign up to an engagement session or to get in touch with the project team.