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118 Canonbie Road redevelopment proposal

We are planning to redevelop 118 Canonbie Road in Forest Hill into new council housing.

Our planning application for 118 Canonbie Road was recently granted approval.

The site

  • There was previously a three-storey building at 118 Canonbie Road that was neglected and deemed not fit for human habitation. Therefore, the Council designed for demolition and re-build.

 aerial view of canonbie

The proposal

The new development will:

  • be a three-storey building
  • have six family-sized homes for homeless families made up of two and three bed self-contained flats
  • include a large shared garden and improved green space
  • have a similar structure to the building its replacing
  • provide much needed temporary accommodation, supporting residents to remain in their local community
  • increase the supply of genuinely affordable homes, helping to meet the long term housing needs of local residents
  • replace a not fit for purpose building with a new and modern building

image of a street view of 118 Canobie road


  • The development will use a simple palette of materials and textures to fit in with its local setting.
  • The roofs are stepped to follow the slope of the hill and the curved building line of Canonbie Road.

Ariel view of proposed Cannonbie Road development


We met with residents of the Tewkesbury Lodge Residents Association on 12 March 2019 to discuss our proposals. The event raised a number of strengths and challenges of the proposal and has helped inform our design process.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our recent consultation, please email our housing company Lewisham Homes at newinitiaves@lewishamhomes.org.uk. If you live in the borough, you can also make formal representations about the proposal during the planning consultation period. Please email planning@lewisham.gov.uk quoting reference number DC/19/113949

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